Whole World Well

Whole World Well

Products needed for 30-Days Detox program

The following Green Products are essential on the program

Herbal Fiber blend

A combination of unique herbs that help to remove the old fecal matter (1-10kg) that most people have in their digestive tract so that you can absorb nutrients better, resulting in less food consumption and balanced weight. HFB also stabilizes blood sugar and gets rid of most parasites.

Available in capsules or powder – recommend capsules for easier use.

Option where HFB is not available

Fit ‘n Fibre & Florafood from Aim

If Aim is not available

Or Mannatech’s “Manna Cleanse”

Or Forever Living’s Aloe Bits and Peaches

In some countries, only Fit ‘n Fibre is available or where Aim is not available the Manna Cleans and or the Aloe bits and Peaches can be used. These 3 products are known specifically to increase friendly gut bacteria, lower cholesterol, improve immune & bowel movement & regulate cholesterol. It does not reduce parasites as HFB does.


A powerful combination of Lactobaccillus gasseri, Bifidobacteria bifidum & Bifidobacteria longum which help maintain digestive and intestinal health as well as healthy cholesterol problems. 

Manna Cleanse contains the gut bacteria

Forever Living products contain a Probiotic too.


A unique combination of Flax, sesame, sunflower and olive oil perfectly balanced to make sure you receive Omega 3 & 6 fats in perfect balance for perfect endocrine, brain, immune function, while regulating cholesterol. 

No replacement but Manna Cleanse contains some flax oil and Mannatech PLUS – does have a positive effect on the endocrine system. DO NOT REPLACE with fish oil, it is highly heated and processed becoming carcinogenic in the process.


Barley grass juice grown to the most nutritious length, cut at night when the nutrients are highest, juiced & chilled in the harvester and then spray dried at room temperature. Contains extremely high levels of chlorophyll for healing mucous membranes, wounds, & skin. High in SOD one of the most powerful anti-oxidants known to destroy free radicals and cancer cells. High in Vitamin E succinate know to help correct endocrine (hormonal, immune, CNS, and all body functions). Highly anti-inflammatory and alkaline forming in the body. Improves energy. 

This is the Gold Standard of Green juices – and has a very powerful effect on the Endocrine system – if unavailable try and grow your own barley grass and juice it – not an easy task.

Mannatech Greens and Reds – can be taken with a glass of fresh carrot juice daily Plus Ambrotose.

 FLP has Fields of Barley – the barley grass dried and pressed into a tablet – this is a lot less nutritious than barley grass juice so you need to take at least 18 tablets daily – 6 before each meal.

The following Products are highly recommended if you can afford them


A combination of plant extracts that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, including alleviating hypoglycemic (low blood sugar), symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, irritability, headaches, and cravings. Promotes beneficial effects on blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Encourages reduction of body fat and increase of lean muscle mass (with diet and exercise). 


Pure organic beet juice dried for convenience. Helps maintain whole body health, increases strength, endurance & energy, by increasing iron naturally which increases oxygen usage and increases nitric oxide which can lower high blood pressure and improve circulation and heart function. High in usable iron which can correct anemia. Provides cleansing effect and stabilizes appetite. Benefit of juicing without the inconvenience.

Just Carrots

Helps maintain whole body health. Powerful Carotenoid antioxidants prevents cell damage & provides nutrition for the eyes, skin & lungs. Benefits of live enzymes. Pure juice product, minimal fibre present. Nutrients in natural proportion not a manmade product. 100% pure carrot juice without the inconvenience.


Propeas is a natural and delicious vanilla flavoured vegetable protein powder (white in colour – don’t panic!) Propeas is digested slowly reducing appetite. It also maintains lean muscle, resulting in an increased ability to burn energy (calories or kilojoules), increasing your metabolism. This is added to smoothies and essential for the program as it provides up to 90% complete protein.


Composure is a combination of natural plants and herbs that calm pain, inflammation, the mind, the digestive tract and in fact the whole body. Ideal for anyone with headaches, aches and pains from detox. Safe for children and the elderly. Helps improve ability to sleep but does not make you sleepy. Contains herbs that repair the skin and improve facial lines.

The following blue products Highly recommended but optional for those on a budget.


contains dried cranberry juice. 

Shown to prevent urinary tract infections & Candida infections, often a problem with weight & health issues & helps correct metabolic rate. Contains; Resveratrol a powerful antioxidant for superb health & Mangosteen/Garcinia) which slows conversion of carbohydrates to fat & naturally suppresses appetite & Beta-Glucanase which can help stabilize blood sugar & improve digestion, especially absorption and gas problems, which can be common on detox programs.

Herbal Release 

A combination of herbs specifically to stimulate the lymphatic system to clean out. This can result is excess water retention being lost as well as removal of cellulite. Body odour and weight loss is one of the results. 

Peak Endurance

Naturally increase cell energy by increasing ATP, prevents or reverses dehydration, is a good source of Vit B 12 – combined with Redibeets helps turbo boost your energy – which is needed as you detoxify.