Whole World Well

Whole World Well

30 Days Detox Program

This 30-Day Detox came about as a response to the many people who asked us for a quick dramatic program that could help them get their health and weight on track in a hurry.

This fast start can result in dramatic improvements in your health, but, be prepared to keep repeating the program until you are completely well.

The 30-day detox is how Mark and I have lived since the late 1980’s and we have not had a medical bill since then. It is completely balanced providing all the nutrients you need for Perfect Health.

The program is 30 days long with 5 introductory days making it 35 days in total.

The first 3 days are a semi fast.

The next 7 are a week of complete raw food.

The last 20 are a very manageable, gluten-free, plant-based food program that includes the option of totally raw food.

You should not feel hungry from day 3 on as even on the raw food section we include mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. If you are worried about losing too much weight, simply eat more of everything especially the foods high in fats and dense in nutrients like nuts and seeds, avocado, whole grains and carbohydrates like potatoes, brown rice etc.  

Do not cut the fats out of your diet or any of the recommended foods if you are trying to lose weight.

Excess weight is a result of an endocrine system out of balance and this program helps correct that very system. Stubborn weight usually starts to move from day 45-60 when you repeat the program – so don’t give up. This program is focused on healing and balancing your body rather that quick weight loss gimmicks. It’s about changing the way you think about food and changing the way you treat your body.

What is included in the program is your daily emails, this instruction booklet, a pdf copy of my book “Perfect Weight” which really focuses on simple principles to correct the very system that not only controls your weight but also every single other function that controls your health.

You are encouraged to read certain sections in the book, as this will help you understand why you are doing certain things and what the results can be, as well as helping you get to know your body better.

Also included is your weekly Zoom support, coaching and Q&A with Mary-Ann. The weekly Zoom link will be emailed to you on the day of the Zoom session, with the times in your zone.

This 30-day program (and the 100-day program) is included (with 13 more detox programs) in the 365 Year of Health program, and available separately if you order the basic recommended product pack.

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