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Whole World Well

100 Days to Health Program

What is the 100 days to health?

This is a carefully worked out program that inspires, educates, and motivates you to get your health on track, by adding good foods to your existing diet. This is not a diet or about giving stuff up. What it is about is learning how to listen to your body and know instinctively what it needs.

Cravings for unhealthy substances and food will simply disappear as you gain the knowledge to take control of your health 1 day at a time. You will receive a daily email that directs you to add certain foods or activities to your existing diet and lifestyle. For example, in week 1 you will need to add a side plate of raw fruit or vegetables before every meal and not to give up anything.

Once a week you will be invited to join a Q&A session with Mary-Ann Shearer and or a Natural Health facilitator.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to take their health back but has no idea where to start.

 It is for you, if you want to know how you can work with your body.

It’s for individuals, families young or old who are tired of dealing with irritating health issues.

For people who no longer want to fear the next virus or dread disease. For people who are sick and tired of being sick and or tired. Take Control of your health, enroll today!

What can it do for you?

The 100 days to health program will not only arm your mind with the knowledge to be and stay healthy but also arm your body with the natural immunity needed to protect you against any dread disease, virus or bacteria. You will find that you no longer fear disease as you create the right environment for your body in which it can heal itself.

How does it work?

This program is designed to increase the process of healing, repair and detoxification and may lead to weight loss (even if you are underweight).

This is the body’s way of dealing with unhealthy tissue and cells.  You may experience some symptoms of detoxification; these may be mild or severe depending on your dietary habits and health history. Headaches, nausea, insomnia, general aches, and pains, body odor and strange tastes in the mouth are the most common detox symptoms. 

These are very good signs as it shows clearly that your body is in the process of repairing itself, which is what you want!

The program provides weekly support on Zoom and social media with a Game Changer  –  someone who has walked this program before you.

You will be connected by one of our facilitators to add you to the support group and assist with the purchase of the products that Mary-Ann recommends.

This will allow healthy rebuilding of your body and can only take place when the body has dealt with all unhealthy tissue. You should start noticing improvements within 15 days. 

Some personal testimonies

Thanks for your gorgeous 100 day program! For the past 11 years I have followed the healthy lifestyle but as I started to study (for my masters in 'nursing family practitioner') it started to slip as I became too busy to chop and peel and basically I suppose I became lazy as it was easy to drink copious amounts of coffee and eat "dead" food. Well, my body had enough and I was in the most severe pain. As a registered nurse (in Sydney - Australia) I see patients ( so much in children) with all sorts of lifestyle inflicted illness and always tell them about Mary-Ann's yet I was doing the opposite. I was told I need surgery, I had irritable bowel syndrome, they should check for cancer...I had to stop wheat (not a bad call) stop or reduce fruit and vegetables! Stop my Barley life! I remember looking at the specialist and thinking goodness me is this why we see so many patients in the ward with bowel cancer and other problems ....what a load of croc .. stop fruit and vegetables! I asked him to give me a few weeks and on week 4, am free of pain and yes loving my fruit and fresh veggies. So a lesson learnt for me - it is not hard or expensive to be healthy it certainly outweighs consequences. Warm Regards from Sydney Australia

I am in the last week of the 100 days and I would just like to say thanks to you guys , it has been a huge help for me. NOTHING else was working and in the last 100 days I have lost 12kgs , I am feeling a lot better and more positive. In fact I have not been sitting waiting for the e-mail either. I have just got into the lifestyle. If anyone dares to tell me I’m on a diet I argue that I am not this is the normal way to eat!!

Thanks so much, I have lost almost 40 kilos to date on your 100 days taking Fiberblend and BarleyLife!! Thanks sooo much

Hi Mary-Ann, I have successfully completed the programme and I AM LOVING IT. No more headache pills, constipation, fatigue, cramps and bloating etc.: incredible! Thank you again,

Dear Mary-Ann I would like to thank you so much for e-mailing me this 100-day program. I really enjoyed it. It is very encouraging to get a daily email, encouraging you to eat and be healthy. I have seen the following improvements in my health: • a huge improvement in my skin - people have commented on it. • Soreness, stiffness in my right hip joint - almost gone. • Bruises on my calf that went hard and stayed for months - now almost gone! Possibly from improved blood circulation. Thank you again SO MUCH for the program. I am determined to stay on it. Having improved my diet during the week substantially, I am now going to target my weekend-diet. I do find the occasional fast very helpful in dealing with a not-so-healthy diet.

Hi Mary-Ann In July 2006 Shaun broke his leg playing soccer and he said if it wasn’t for the BarleyLife – which we started taking on the 100 days, he doesn’t know what he would of done! 18 months later (2 months ago) he had his titanium pin removed from his leg and made sure he had been taking his BarleyLife a good few months before the op. His recovery was amazing to say the least! His doctor could not believe how fast he was healing. He went back a week after his second operation to get the stitches / bandages removed and the swelling was basically gone and the wounds we already 100% healed. He also hardly took any painkillers (only when he really needed to as this time he found the BarleyLife alone well enough) He was given 6 more weeks on crutches; he only needed 3 and was walking again with hardly a limp. He’s now playing badminton again and some action cricket but staying away from the soccer! He is so impressed with the BarleyLife and only wishes he had taken it months before his very first operation because he feels he could have recovered in half the time then too. He started taking frame essentials after his first op which also really helped him – I remember how impressed the doctor was with how fast the bone was growing back! Kind regards

Hi Mary-Ann! Thanks for your wonderful program, the useful tips and encouragements. This program is not only for physical health, it is as well for our spiritual health. If only more people would stick to it, our world would be a paradise on earth. Regards

Dear Mary-Ann and Mark ... Thank you for this opportunity you have given to me via 100 days. Just wonderful!! I appreciate being shown how to live the Natural Way day by day. I have had a real problem with allergies which are now gone. God pour His blessings on you and your family.

How much would you be prepared to invest in your health to be able to avoid these common and not so common health issues? Imagine never being sick or in pain and only needing medical help for injuries

You can follow on with the 30 Detox for a deeper cleanse or the 30-day Maintenance or 365 Day – My year of health, maintenance program for healing. Alternatively, you can do the Perfect Health – Naturally program, – a personal coached group with Mary-Ann for 6 weeks that includes all the options available as part of the package.

How do I get going?