Whole World Well

How badly do you want..

to feel fantastic everyday!?

endless energy without slumping?

good quality sleep? (..without medication)

to live in the sweet spot – where your brain, bowel, bladder and body all work in harmony… all the time!

We understand that every person is unique and in a different place with their health!
It is possible for you to live free of medication, pain, discomfort, and financial stress!
If you are ready to improve your health - we have developed several programs for you to benefit from.
Making healthy lifestyle choices need not be a struggle or a lonely journey, we have your back!

In over 35 years of working of with hundreds of thousands  of people around the world through our books, seminars and training, we have found that each person needs to choose a program that suites them and to this end we have developed  several programs that have proven to be enormously successful , which we now have available for anyone, anywhere in the  world, at any time to do. Its taken us over 40 years of  researching , experimenting on ourselves and our family, and for the last 30 odd years we have not had a medical bill due to illness or taken any medication. This means that you can dive right in with the confidence that you are safe and this works. 

All you need to do is choose one of the programs from Mary-Ann and Mark Shearer – the bestselling natural health and nutrition coaches and speakers, authors and originators (since 1991) of;

  1. Perfect Health – The Natural Way – a Family’s Guide to Vibrant Health
  2. Healthy Kids – The Natural Way – from fertility to teens and everything in between to support you naturally raising a family pic of cover
  3. Perfect Weight – The Natural Way to balance your weight without dieting  cover pic
  4. Recipe Books
  5. The 30 Day Detox
  6. The 100 Days to Health
  7. The 365 Days to Wellness
  8. The intense Personal Health Coached programs for various chronic health issues
  9. Mary-Ann’s Emporium and Eatery
  10. Mary-Ann’s Direct www.mary-anns.com

Below are some comments and testimonies from folk that have completed our programs and courses..

365 Days to Wellness

Hi Mary-Ann, I’m on Day 9 of 365 and sleeping like a log. Slept well before but very lightly. Now I sleep so deeply that I don’t even wake when my hubby gets out of bed. I notice I am now starting to fall asleep earlier than I was before. I have more energy. I am walking 60mins every day where I was doing no walking before. My digestion has also improved greatly

Personal Consulted Course (PCC)

When you need Mary-Ann & Mark to step up and walk closely with you and work out a specific program for your particular condition/s

I had been to several Dr's appointments, had blood work, x-rays and tests. The conclusion was I had markers for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and a couple others. They said the good news was they didn't "think" I had Lupus and pretty sure I didn't have Scleroderma! What?! The Rheumatologists said it looked like mixed connective tissue disorder, it was the worst out of ALL the forms of arthritis as mimicked symptoms from all of them! Now that I was more confused and scared I was told more tests and x-rays were needed. From my first rheumatology appointment the Dr's offered anti-inflammatory drugs even though they didn't have any answers. I was informed there was no cure but only ways to "manage" symptoms. I knew there had to be a better way! A webinar with Mary-Ann Shearer that would literally change my life.

Natural Health Qualification Courses

When you have mastered your own health and are ready to help others do the same and/or build a business in the health industry.. these courses are for you.

I am 7 months into NHN. Not only is my eczema clear but I haven't touched Allergex for about 10 months now because I have absolutely no hay fever. I've been off my depression & anxiety medication for 10 months & completely depression-free. It doesn't have to be a massive and expensive chore to heal your body. Thank you for providing the tools for people all over the world to make the changes that are needed to make this world a better place. This community you are building is going to change the world and it makes me so excited!.


Fast & Furious for the Bold & Brave

Proven system for quick results with both weight and health!



Slow, steady, easy

The best way to get your whole family eating and exercising without them resisting..



When you are ready to make permanent changes!


Mary-Ann & Mark meet and coach you every step of the way.


Natural Health & Nutrition

For people who want to help others


Natural Health, Business & Consulting

For people who want to run a health-related business (a follow-on from the NHN )